Data Driven

Measurement and Analytics

Our goal is to provide the most innovative and comprehensive measurement techniques and technology recommendations, enabling you to harness the full potential of interactive marketing.

Incorporating a quantifiable measurement program is essential for evaluating the performance of your campaigns. It is important to use measurement tools that can maximize learning and actionable insight. Category 5 continually measures and analyses all aspects of campaign performance. Out motto is TEST – ANALYSE – ADJUST, and it is a cycle we live every day.

Additionally, we will incorporate the technology solution that best fits your needs:

  • Back end web site analytic solutions
  • Ad serving and tracking
  • Ad effectiveness studies
  • Web site attitudinal surveys
  • Email deployment
  • Social media
  • Custom solutions

Once an effective measurement program is in place, we can provide the analysis on the data gathered. We will work with you to establish models that can be applied to future marketing programs, as well as summarize key learnings and recommendations. Where appropriate, we will correlate behavioural and attitudinal data sets that will provide a deep understanding of your target consumer and current customers, as well as the impact your marketing programs are having on converting prospects and increasing the consumption habits of your current customers.