Marketing and Communications Strategy

Media consumption habits are rapidly evolving due to technological advances. Increased broadband penetration, mobile technology enhancements, and consumer-generated media are dramatically changing the way marketers must effectively communicate to current and potential customers.

Your customers are bombarded with thousands of images, sounds and marketing messages every day. Your target audience makes an affirmative decision about the content they consume. More importantly, they make choices as to if, when and how they want to engage with it, challenging marketers to reach their target audience with marketing messages in the right place, at the right time, and at the right frequency levels.

Our tools include the Category 5 “marketing continuum” and the detailed customer persona we construct for each of your brand’s target audiences. Armed with this buyer information, your goals and objectives, and the knowledge and experience of veteran marketers, Category 5 works with your team to develop the right strategy for the right initiative:

  • Understand and plot your brand’s positioning in the marketplace and the interaction/awareness levels of each customer targets.
  • Relate your goals and objectives to your brand’s current placement. Diagram and personify your brand’s “where do we want to go” vision.
  • Establish the right media mix to provide a “surround sound” marketing experience that is effective, without being annoyingly intrusive, and within your specified budget parameters.
  • Leverage digital and traditional platforms to achieve the most effective and efficient campaign.
  • Understand which interactive mediums are most proficient to communicate with your target consumers.
  • Learn how to use each digital channel to maximize brand impact and consumer response. Identify what types of creative executions and formats are most effective against your audience, in conjunction with the environment in which they are utilized.
  • Develop a digital relationship marketing program that increases the lifetime value of your customer, at the same time, creating marketing spend efficiencies.
  • Build a comprehensive measurement program that provides actionable insight in order to refine ongoing marketing programs.